Are Traps Gay? (Comprehensive Review)

Nowadays, hot transgender women are indistinguishable from ‘real girls’. Often, it’s challenging to tell them apart until their clothes start to come off.

Are Traps Gay? (Comprehensive Review)

So for many men, this raises an important question.Does being attracted to traps make you gay?

As you’d expect, that has a complicated answer. In fact, people have been debating it for years. And to be honest, there are good points on both sides of the debate.

Let’s take a look at the evidence.

Is It Bisexual?

Some consider any arousal between guys as clear homosexuality.

Is It Bisexual?

And theories suggest traps are essentially glorified crossdressers. – Interestingly, others say it isn’t gay until you discover a trans chick has a penis. Then any interest beyond that point at the very least makes you bisexual.

For the most part, this is a limited view.

Which brings us to the straight perspective:

“If arousal from traps was gay, then homosexual men would like them, right?”

Now that’s where the argument becomes complicated. Generally, gay guys aren’t stimulated by trans girls since they prefer manly features. Yet, they try to eliminate these masculine characteristics from their appearance.

Therefore, having an attraction towards feminine traps is totally straight.

Are They Straight?

The surface-level analysis may lead you to believe traps prefer men sexually.

Are They Straight?

But that’s not necessarily the case. – Straight cosplayers like Zachary Scuderi dabble with crossdressing occasionally. However, this is for the sole purpose of roleplaying as anime or video game characters.

Traps like him enjoy authenticity, rather than having the goal of attracting men.

Final Verdict

Are you turned on by long hair, soft skin, and a petite figure?

Then that’s definitely straight. – But as long as traps have a dick underneath, this will always border on being gay or bisexual. Although when it comes down to it, no one should really analyze gender roles so much.

Traps are downright sexy!And people shouldn’t let a fear of labeling limit their own sexuality.

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