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13 Best Sissy Sex Toys (Shopping Guide)

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Most shops for sissies or traps sell cheaply made sex toys. Typically, you may find dildos in bundle deals too.

The problem with sissy starter kits is how they’re full of low-quality products.

In all likelihood, these stores have a mindset of…

“If it’s pink, then traps will buy it!” which is nothing but a cash grab.

What really matters is the way a dildo feels, then ideally having it look just like the real thing. At the very least, you should expect a sex toy to be well-made and durable too.

Long story short, there are many things to watch out for that we’ll go over shortly. But if you prefer to skip ahead to our recommended sissy toys, then use the navigation below.

Overview of the Best Sissy Sex Toys:

Sissy Training Kits

“Should I buy a full kit of sissy toys?”

Take note, we’re referencing bundles of lingerie, panties, dildos, and anal toys.

While they can be nice for a beginner, most traps would rather pick products themselves. As long as you’re still getting a comparable discount, of course.

Carefully choose every toy so you know it’s worth the price!

Many of these issues are a lot to wrap your head around. Fortunately, you don’t need to because there’s an easy solution to finding the best toys for sissy training.

Keep reading because we’re introducing a brand that takes care of the common problems. In fact, you might be familiar with them already if you’ve seen our previous articles.

For anyone having doubts, check out our full guide on How to Become a Sissy.

Risque Fetish Toys caters to sissies through tailored collections. One look at their variety of hot items, and it’ll be clear how the store would appeal to anyone submissive.

Mostly, this is because of how fluently each product goes together. Shoppers can pick up a realistic dildo, a chastity device, and a cute pair of panties all in one place.

As an adult novelty shop, they have everything you’d expect. Like frequent sitewide sales of up to 70% off, along with discreet shipping and billing. Simply put, it’s a trusted source to buy your sex toys. Whether you’re just starting sissy training or already a fully passable trap!

So we’re featuring products by Risque Fetish for these reasons. After browsing their collection of sissy toys, you’ll see why it’s a leading brand.

Now let’s finally jump into our list of the best sex toys for sissies!

Petite (Sissy Chastity)

Chastity Cages are the hottest items a sissy can get by essentially forcing you into anal play. Whether you wear it during training sessions or throughout the day!

Good chastity devices can get pretty expensive at $150 or more. However, only high-quality, comfortable ones are actually worth buying. Cheap cages tend to pinch or leave painful marks. So if you plan on being in chastity for at least a few hours, this is something to consider.

You might see a CB-6000 from some sissy shops for only $50, but those are more than likely knock-offs or scams. Manufacturers don’t even offer prices that low at wholesale costs to popular brands. Many sissy toy stores also have fine print saying shipping times are over 45+ days. Basically, buyer beware!

Risque Fetish stays transparent with a comprehensive list of FAQs.

Since they only carry premium sex toys, there’s no need to worry about quality. Of course, that includes the best sissy chastity cages too. And if you’re in the United States, expect delivery times of around 2 to 4 days.

For the remainder of our shopping guide, we’ll go over a lot of hot fantasies and sissy instructions. Best of all, you can do it while your clitty stays tucked away.

Embrace femininization by locking up that petite cock!

Shop for Sissy Chastity


  • Most submissive sex toy
  • Highest quality available
  • Must-have for a sissy clitty


  • Confusing if its your first
  • High-priced luxury product
  • Might be sold out of some

Impulse (Dildos 6 in.)

Impulse Dildos will make you blush as soon as you take them out of the package. Because of their lifelike features, they’ll be your favorite sissy toy to play with every time.

Due to the 6-inch starter size and ideal maneuverability, traps can use one in any sex position too. So lay down then reach around for a well-controlled ass pounding!

Once you start doing your sissy play with a good dildo, you’ll learn more about how to pleasure yourself. Like where those sensitive anal spots are and the best way to stimulate them.

Someday, you may want a sissy dildo that has more length or girth.

But it’s still exceedingly important to warm-up with smaller toys beforehand. Don’t rush into things because your anal play won’t feel near as satisfying. Please trust us on this, darling!

First, take it slow by stretching that tight ass, then prepare for the bumpy ride of a bigger dildo. Sooner or later, your eyes will roll back from the overwhelming pleasure.

In no time, you could be having skin-tingling sissygasms!

Shop for Sissy Dildos


  • Good starter sissy toy
  • Flexible for any position
  • Most recommended dildo


  • Less girth than others
  • Not for deep penetration
  • Getting a bigger toy later

Lovers (Anal Training)

Lovers are a brand of anal training toys that stand out as an exception from other sissy kits. Although they’re great for beginners, it’s also an ideal way to try new kinds of prostate massagers.

As you play with the different sissy anal toys, you’ll figure out what personally feels best. Later, you could even consider upgrading to a specialized product of that type too.

In LGBTQ+ communities, training kits are popular gay sex toys for bottoms. Some even include enema hygiene items, which beginners rarely realize the importance of! But anal douche toys may also be purchased separately at surprisingly affordable prices. And we highly encourage you to pick one up before you actually need it.

Any sissy who’s serious about anal training will want a set of butt plugs.

So treat yourself to something fabulous, like a sex toy with a jeweled base. And maybe even in a hot pink color to really show your femininity and submissiveness!

Effectively prepare that sissy pussy for the lip-stretching penetration it craves. Because if you’re not sexually experienced in anal play, then you wouldn’t be a very passable trap.

Needless to say, it’s like an investment in your sissification.

Shop for Anal Training Kits


  • Various styles and sizes
  • Best for anal sex training
  • Find new sissy toys you like


  • Not all have hygiene items
  • Just a few with different toys
  • Main appeal is stretching out

Depth (Dildos 8 in.)

Depth Dildos make every session of sissy training memorable. After a powerful anal orgasm, pull it out and just lay there limp, knowing your place as a submissive slut.

Whenever you’re horny, this is the sex toy you’ll immediately grab, even if you don’t know it yet. So let loose on all of those feminine desires because that’s what sissy dildos are made for!

Without thinking about it, your back will arch when big toys penetrate you from behind. Almost as if you were born to be a sissy slut for dildos! At the end of the day, that’s a realization femboys eventually accept.

Can’t come up with a hot enough fantasy?Well then, here’s a sissy assignment…

Wrap your fingers around the dildo, then engulf its tip just like you’d do to a real man. Submissively gaze up as you confidently give a toe-curling blowjob. Remember to flaunt your femboy sexiness too!

Any guy would be lucky to get sucked off by such a cute sissy. Especially if you just painted your nails a shade of pink only fit for a feminine trap.

Now stick that dildo to the floor, then ride yourself all the way to a sissygasm!

Shop for Sissy Dildos


  • Favorite for many sissies
  • Good size to feel dominated
  • Pale, tan, and brown colors


  • Occasionally low-on-stock
  • Might prefer a 7-inch instead
  • Top-quality means it’s pricey

Heartthrob (Butt Plugs)

Heartthrob styles of butt plugs add a touch of glamour to sissy play with elegant gems. Since they’re so cute, you’ll look even sexier as it pops out the back of your crotchless panties.

Butt plugs also pair well with chastity toys for an entirely new level of sissification. That’s right, bling out from the back and the front! Now the final step is to wrap up in lingerie to finish off a set of femboy accessories.

Gradually build up your size threshold by sliding one in and forgetting about it. Without a doubt, butt plugs are the quickest and possibly the best way to stretch out anally. Down the line, bigger sissy toys will be a breeze to penetrate yourself with! No matter if you leave it in for hours or just on special occasions, they’ll firmly stay in place.

Here’s a couple of tempting advantages of sissy butt plugs:

  • Anal loosening and preperation.
  • Will give orgasms if it vibrates too.
  • Stimulation before or after sissy play.
  • Looking incredibly sexy from behind.
  • Flawlessly pairs with chastity cages.

Not ready to quit jerking off? Then butt plugs can help ease you into sissification!

Shop for Butt Plugs


  • Leave it inside long-term
  • Several different gem types
  • Best butt plugs for sissies


  • Better as an addon sex toy
  • Less stimulation than a dildo
  • Mostly just an anal accessory

Satisfy (Anal Toys)

Satisfy prostate massagers are unmatched when it comes to sexual stimulation. Even though they don’t look as tempting as a dildo, it’s still the best product for having sissygasms.

After feeling the trembling vibrations of anal toys, you won’t know why you ever doubted them. In fact, the only thing a sissy has to worry about is cumming too fast! But we encourage our girls out there to unleash all of that built-up tension as soon as possible.

Sissification is hard work. Sex toys, feminine outfits, painting nails, learning to do makeup, you name it! So give yourself the hypnotizing pleasure of back-to-back anal orgasms. Go ahead, you deserve it. Maybe one day, a real man shall do the honor of making you sissygasm instead!

Soon enough, that limp clitty will be cumming from anal play every time.

A lot of sissies end up completely forgetting what it feels like to orgasm by jerking off. Although you could say, “Good riddance!” When you’re able to sissygasm, there’s no reason to go back whatsoever.

Eventually, femboys don’t even see themselves as having a dick. Instead, they transition to a sissy slut fit for pleasuring men and dominant women. Whether that’s through deepthroat blowjobs, pussy eating, or just bending over to be used as an anal sex toy.

Ready to get started? Do yourself the favor of trying a prostate massager!

Shop for Anal Toys


  • Made for anal orgasms
  • Satisfying pulsing vibrations
  • Best toy to have sissygasms


  • Doesn’t resemble anything
  • Unappealing until you try it
  • Priced as a high-end product

The BBC (Dildos 9 in.)

BBC Dildos are the ultimate brand of sissy toys for submissive fantasies. As you hold such a lifelike cock, it’s hard not to think of the dirty fantasies buzzing through your mind.

Sissies will have no problems visualizing a real big black cock with balls. From our experience, these sex toys can be a lot to handle. So work up to it by relaxing your ass with a more modest-sized dildo first.

Do you want to be a real femboy trap? Then follow the sissy training instructions below. After two or three days of waiting for delivery, make it a top priority when the BBC dildo gets there.

Yank your feminine panties up so they’re wedged between the booty cheeks.

Get on your knees, then face a black dildo stuck firmly to the shower wall. Now proceed to lick the tip of the brand-new sissy sex toy while thinking of a dominant stud looking down at you.

And make sure to point that little sissy dick point straight up too! At this point, you’ll probably be soaked with pre-cum as you wrap those cute femboy lips around the head of it.

Now lubricate that BBC nicely so your tight trap ass can go for a ride next!

Shop for Sissy Dildos


  • Highly realistic black dildo
  • Fulfill your deepest fantasy
  • Available in several shades


  • May need a smaller toy
  • Big dildos are more pricey
  • Working up to the raw girth

Rider (Dildo With Balls)

Rider Dildos have lifelike balls, so you’ll feel like you’re bouncing on a real cock. With veins and a lip-licking, mushroom-head tip, it’s exactly how the best sissy toys should be made.

Because of a powerful suction cup at the base, you can stick them to almost anything. Given that they’re completely waterproof too, here’s your perfect dildo for shower play.

Have a mistress to dominate you? Then you should know these sissy toys are harness-compatible as well. So let her strap on a realistic dildo with balls for a scheduled pegging that you’ve been craving all week.

Slowly ease onto it while she guides your lower back for you.

When a dildo is balls-deep, only then will a femdom mistress begin thrusting. Alternatively, there’s always the option of mounting her and riding the dildo to your heart’s delight.

Once that tiny cock is hard enough, let the tip peek out of the top of those sissy panties. Now lean back and keep vigorously humping until you shoot a load without ever touching it.

Don’t forget to aim toward your tummy so you’re covered in cum afterward!

Shop for Dildos With Balls


  • Best dildo for riding
  • Realistic balls attached
  • Compatible with harnesses


  • Much less maneuverable
  • Need to look through sizes
  • May not have enough length

Little (Chastity Devices)

Chastity Devices will sissify even the most masculine of femboys if they tuck into a little pink one. But if a toy isn’t well-made, there’s a good chance it’ll fall off.

Slipping out of chastity is a real concern since sissies aren’t exactly endowed folks. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have become traps in the first place. Luckily, being a sissy has its upsides too, like total cuteness!

Dress up like you’re going out to a club to pick up a man, then skip straight to what you really want. Now imagine sucking that cock until he’s rock-hard and thoroughly turned-on.

Lift your skirt to reveal a sissy clitty securely locked up in a cage.

Even if you’re shy about it, remember you still look like a passable femboy. After realizing he’s been trapped, this guy doesn’t care at all because a sissy pussy is as good as a real girl’s!

Now let him use you like a sex toy, screwing you anally like any other piece of ass. And when he thrusts his long, girthy shaft, the chastity cage will stay secure as it slaps around in circles.

Follow our sissy instructions and you’ll be gushing cum before your partner!

Shop for Sissy Chastity


  • Excellent premium device
  • Comfortable but also secure
  • Ultimate toy for sissy traps


  • Only for little clitties
  • Limited variety of models
  • Expensive chastity cages

Beyond (Dildos 9 in.)

Beyond Dildos are the last step of sissification once you’ve anally stretched out enough. Listen up girls, it’s time to bend over for a big cock! That’s right femboys, nothing is more satisfying than a sissy toy filling an ass.

At least until you start riding by twerking up and down, stroking it with your booty! Imagine the way it’d feel to have a huge dildo inside of you, further loosening you anally after each thrust.

Once you get your hands on a good sissy toy, you’ll understand why girls crave big dicks. In fact, that’s why a lot of independent women say, “I don’t need a man as long as I have a dildo!”

Here are a couple of sex positions you can try with sissy toys like dildos:

  • Thrusting with your legs up
  • Twerking on it until you cum
  • Oral sex skills by deepthroating it
  • Maneuverable motions on your side

Not to mention, you could compare the size of your tiny cock too.

Shop for Sissy Dildos


  • Reliable suction cup
  • Comes in multiple colors
  • Large yet flexible dildo


  • Some go out of stock fast
  • Big dildos have higher prices
  • Too much girth for beginners

Pulsing Vibrators

Vibrator Wands are commonly thought of as being made only for girls. With the right training instructions, sissies may also take advantage of this type of sex toy.

As a matter of fact, femboys can use them while in a chastity cage too! So if you’re having a hard time with handsfree orgasms, then a vibrator could be the perfect solution.

Don’t let your mistress know because it’s a well-kept secret in the world of sissy cucks. If you tell her, that might end up being the only way she’ll allow you to cum from now on! Of course, only if she supervises though.

Our sissy instructions for using a vibrator:

Tuck that sissy dick between your thighs, then close them tightly so it’s peeking out the back. Now lay on your side and reach around with a vibrator wand.

Power it on then rotate between that boy pussy and clitty, just teasing the sensitive areas. Believe it or not, this actually feels even better for sissies locked away in chastity too. Finally, ramp up the multi-speed functions until you find a pulse pattern that could make you cum.

Be patient enough and a sissygasm is inevitable!

Shop for Strong Vibrators


  • Perfect for chastity orgasms
  • Recharges fast and lasts long
  • Stimulating pulse patterns


  • Less of a mandatory toy
  • Good vibrators are pricey
  • Cheaper ones need batteries

Lingerie & Sissy Panties

Risque Lingerie is a key part of feminization if you want to unleash the girly trap inside of you. At a minimum, femboys need a cute pair of panties for sissy play.

Although to be a fully-fledged trap, pick out 3 or 4 different sets of lingerie. As a side bonus, you can discreetly wear a thong beneath your clothes without anybody knowing!

Eventually, sissies tend to stock up on a few pieces of feminine clothes. One day, you’ll even mix-and-match what you flaunt around the house. For example, naughty items like bodystockings, thongs, crop tops, mini skirts, and more.

Get glamorous during your sissy training!Think about the following scenario…

Today, we’ll put on pink panties with a ribbon, then tuck our sissy clitty back so there’s no bulge. Next, let’s slide one foot at a time into some lingerie bodystockings.

Alright, to top it off, whip out a babydoll mini skirt combo to complete an outfit fit for a sexy trap! So when you bend over, a slight glimpse of those hot pink panties are revealed to any onlookers.

Can you imagine dressing up in new sissy attire like a real girl every day?

Shop for Sissy Panties


  • Sizes for all body-types
  • Many sexy lingerie styles
  • Lots of cute sissy panties


  • Not too many cheap items
  • Only has premium clothing
  • Sorting by size suggested

Thigh-High Stockings

Fishnet Stockings are like the cherry on top to any sissy’s attire. Whether or not you look in the mirror and feel feminine, a sexy pair of thigh-highs will fix that in an instant!

As the last part of an outfit, stockings will turn you into the cute girl you’ve always dreamed of being. So they’re a perfect addition to a collection of submissive toys.

All lovers of femdom will encourage you to flaunt stockings for your sissy maid outfit. Slip-on some nylon ones with feminine lace at the top, then wiggle into a crotchless teddy. Remember, you better be in chastity while having a butt plug firmly inserted too! At this stage, a trap will effectively complete their feminization.

Finish off a sex toy collection with a few styles of sissy stockings.

After all, they’re an elegant bonus to any piece of girly attire. Still, dressing in thigh-highs brings benefits that you might’ve overlooked as well.

Not only are stockings cute, but they also keep you warm. Believe us, this is an actual concern for feminine sissies with shaved legs. If you haven’t gotten used to wearing booty shorts, you’ll want to wrap up in a blanket.

Yeah, the veteran sissy traps know what we’re talking about!

Shop for Sissy Stockings


  • Amazing for feeling girly
  • Instantly look more feminine
  • Flawlessly pairs with outfits


  • Not an essential sissy item
  • Staying up with thin thighs
  • May be hard to choose a size

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